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Mark Muscle vs Finn McCool - Halloween Havoc 2017

$ 31.59

Mark Muscle  and Finn McCool find a mysterious locked room, labelled ‘Zombie Research Lab’ – Mark says he saw Scrappy going in there earlier, but there’s no answer when he knocks.  Finn is admiring Mark’s physique, so the two head to the house where Finn challenges Mark to prove his strength by ripping BOTH of their shirts!  Mark calls his bluff, ripping his shirt clean down the middle!  “You little punk – what do you think of that?”  Finn is unimpressed, so the bodybuilder rips Finn’s shirt before stripping him of his shorts too!  With the two stripped to trunks (Mark in red and blue, Finn in leopard-print), Mark decides to teach Finn a lesson!  “So, you don’t think I’m strong, huh?”  Mark pulls the unprepared Finn into a rear bearhug, his massive arms constricting around Finn and all the while trash talking him!  Finn resists, so Mark switches to a front bearhug, lifting the smaller man clear off the mat!  “Just wait…” says Finn.  “Wait for what?”  Mark manoeuvres Finn into a Full Nelson, pressing his head down to his chest!  “No matter what time of day it is, I’ll always be stronger than you!”  Finn admits that Mark is strong, but the massive muscle hunk isn’t done!  The two men collide, pec to pec, each trying to be the alpha – Mark again hauls Finn up off the mat in a crushing bearhug!  Mark’s trunks ride up his glutes as he crushes the fight out of Finn!  Mark is determined to punish McCool for disrespecting his muscle – his face is passive and calculating as his arms wrap tighter, like a boa constrictor slowly squeezing his prey.  Finn pushes against Mark’s pillow pecs, trying desperately to escape, but to no avail – Finn has no choice but to submit to the muscle god!  Mark bounces his pecs in victory, but still wants more!  The bodybuilder is unrelenting, making Finn suffer over and over again with his power!  Finally Mark is satisfied and walks away – but Finn has power too…

Night falls and a full moon rises as Finn undergoes a startling transformation!  His power not fully in play, Finn’s inner beast hunts Mark down, seeking revenge for the earlier humiliation!  The Finn-Beast finds is quarry in the mat room and immediately leaps up onto the bodybuilder’s wide back, clawing at Mark’s face!  But Mark still has power and is far from out – he lunges in and twists Finn-Beast’s arm before pulling him up into his deadly bearhug!  The mutilated musclegod hauls Finn-Beast up over his shoulders, ramming his delts into the Beast’s abs!  Finn-Beast escapes and fires a cheap shot into Mark’s balls before unloading on him with a baseball bat!

These two started the day as friends, but how will the night end?  Can Finn-Beast get revenge for Finn’s earlier defeat?  Or will Mark’s muscle power be too much even for the monster to handle?  Who will pay the ultimate price?  Get this special Halloween match now to see for yourself!