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Mark Muscle vs Iceman18 - Mat Rats 123

$ 31.25

A battle for revenge leads to muscle worship, dirty tricks, and a LADDER! Iceman18 confronts the referee Mark Muscle for taking over his match with Dom9 and decides to teach him a lesson. A flex off has both wrestlers worshipping each other's thick muscle. "I didn't need your help!" yells Iceman18 wrapping the 6'4" giant in a headlock and GUILLOTINE CHOKE dragging Mark Muscle to his knees. "Looked like he was manhandling you!" mocks Mark Muscle struggling to breathe. Iceman18 delivers a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors dropping Mark Muscle on his back ready to show him what "manhandling" is all about. The muscle worship continues as Iceman18 mounts the giant's abs choking Mark Muscle with his forearm then SQUEEZES his beefy chest in a double pec claw! Groaning in pain, the 290lbs Mark Muscle is folded in a tight cradle then pulled to his knees for back to back neck-breaking full nelsons. STRETCHED to his limits, Mark Muscle struggles to his feet flexing as the dominant Iceman18 worships him from behind. "You're probably nice and soar from helping me out!" taunts Iceman18 dragging Mark Muscle down to the couch in a tight sleeper CLAMPING on a dirty trick. Screaming in pain, Mark Muscle begs for mercy as Iceman18 rubs his beefy pecs then delivers a crushing head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Mark Muscle collapses to the floor and is forced to flex as Iceman18 worships his thick muscle. Mark Muscle's agonizing torture continues: dirty trick, pec claw, painful leg stretch, CRIPPLING camel clutch, and powerful sleeper! Gasping for air, Mark Muscle nearly passes out but is let go. Back on their feet, the wrestlers pec bounce their thick chests and tie-up in even HOTTER muscle worship! "Where you taking me?" groans Mark Muscle as Iceman18 wraps him in a guillotine choke dragging him through the house. On the mat, the intense worship continues. Mark Muscle surprises Iceman18 with a sleeper but is taken down with a dirty trick. A viselike headlock, brutal armbar, and leg drops to the abs has Mark Muscle gasping for air pulled straight into Iceman18's quads of steel. Wrapped in a tight head scissors, the 290lbs Mark Muscle is GATOR ROLLED back and forth across the mat as he screams in pain powerless to break free! Laid out on his back, Mark Muscle is rolled in a grueling leg stretch but kicks Iceman18 away SLAMMING him on the back of his skull nearly knocking him out. The brutal revenge battle continues as a crushing rear bearhug, sleepers, gut punches, shoulder carry, and front-facing head scissors involves a ladder and SURPRISE end!