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Muscle Mark puts Iceman 18 into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Mark Muscle vs Iceman18 - Vegas Battles 32

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

The Ultimate Bro Betrayal in Sin City!


Mark Muscle and Iceman18 are in the hotel room, getting a pump on.  Iceman18, in seriously skimpy underwear, is doing sit-ups whilst Mark holds him in place.  Iceman18 is shooting his mouth off as usual, which annoys Mark Muscle no end!  “More exercise, less running your mouth” say the hulking bodybuilder.  Iceman18 takes offence at this and launches a surprise attack!  Iceman18 lunges forward, grabs Mark’s head and shoves it between his legs for a standing scissors!  The massive musclegod bides his time, then shows off his power by simply standing up – with Iceman18 still clamped on his head!  Mark Muscle, clad in a tight white singlet, is clearly looking for a fight – he taunts Iceman18 about a girl he had his eye on, claiming that she ended up in Mark’s room!  Iceman18’s ego rises and takes the bate as he launches himself at Mark and lifts the big man in a bearhug!  Iceman18 pours all his strength into the hold, but Mark Muscle absorbs it!  Iceman18 lifts Mark up and throws him onto the bed, mounting him for a schoolboy pin!  Mark keeps taunting him, enraging Iceman18.

Iceman18 ups his attack, hooking Mark’s leg and cradling him – but the bodybuilder shoves Iceman18’s head down between is POWERFUL thighs for a punishing squeeze!  Iceman18 manages to get his own legs around Mark’s head and a DOUBLE HEADSCISSORS battle ensues!  Mark is the first to release, giving Iceman18 the chance to pound on his abs!  Iceman18 is furious and he wants nothing more than to utterly destroy the bodybuilder!  But the muscle man knows exactly what buttons to push – he taunts Iceman18 some more, prompting the would-be Romeo to clamp on a sleeper hold!  But Mark Muscle isn’t about to go out to this upstart, and he slams Iceman18 on the bed.  Iceman18 reacts quickly and wraps his legs around the bodybuilder for a scissor hold!  Suddenly Iceman18 finds himself lifted high in the air in Mark’s devastating CHOKELIFT!  Iceman18 struggles, then collapses to the floor – Mean Mark schoolboy pins Iceman18 and takes a picture, threatening to send it to the girl!  Mark Muscle chokes Iceman18 and folds him in half, humiliating him further!  The jealous musclehunk is forced to give, but then charges at Mark and slaps on a sleeper hold – the bodybuilder fades to the floor where Iceman18 viciously kicks him over and over again!

Iceman18 runs into the next room, looking for the phone - but the betraying bodybuilder has recovered and creeps up behind the unsuspecting Iceman18…