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Jake flexes his abs while dominating Mark Muscle in Thunders Arena.

Mark Muscle vs Jake - Bodybuilder Battle 101

$ 31.25

Thunders newcomer Jake and the massive Mark Muscle start things off with a bodybuilding pose down. The outsized but ripped Jake holds his own pose for pose before attempting a double leg takedown on the gigantic Mark Muscle, wrapping his arms around his oversized quads. Unable to phase the massive Mark Muscle, Jake attempts and single leg takedown and a waist lock. Barely phased, the cocky Mark Muscle boisterously exclaims "why don't you try something different??"

The ever resourceful Jake surprises Mark Muscle, jumping up onto his huge back with a vicious rear chin lock, riding his opponent down to the mat. Barely making it out of the hold, Mark Muscle gives his opponent props, telling him "I guess I underestimated you". Reassessing his plan of attack, Mark Muscle wastes no time grabbing jake in his massive arms for an absolutely devastating bear hug, using all the force of his ripped biceps and massive pecs to squeeze the life out of Jake.

Digging deep, Jake squirms his way out of the hold, climbing up the massive back of Mark Muscle yet again, and locking in his patented sleeper hold, turning the tables on his opponent, taunting him saying "you think you can just bearhug me like that?!" As he flexes his muscles, squeezing the hold tighter and tighter and Mark Muscle gasps for breath. 

Jake uses his sleeper hold to once again ride Mark Muscle down to the mat, using his ripped thighs to apply a painful body scissors submission, sending Mark Muscle to sleep in agony as the sleeper hold cuts of the circulation to his brain. 

Not satisfied with a simple three count, Jake demands Mark Muscle wake up for more punishment before locking in a dominant modified Boston Crab, ripping at the muscular hamstrings and lower back of his massive opponent. The aggressive Jake turns up the violence, dropping a series of precision elbows to the injured lower back of of Mark Muscle, softening him up to be placed into position for his devastating head scissor submission.

Mark Muscle grunts and groans in agony as the cocky Jake locks on his head scissor submission hold. Adding insult to injury, he exclaims "I'll squeeze your head until it pops!!" As Jake brings Mark Muscle down to the mat, Mark Muscle digs deep and mounts a powerful comeback, locking in a dominating bearhug from the ground, all but squeezing the life out of Jake. The two ripped bodybuilders exchange holds back ad forth on the mat until Jake mounts Mark Muscle with a modified camel clutch, tearing and ripping at all of the muscles in his opponents powerful upper body, flexing dominantly as he stretches Mark Muscles neck and shoulder into a frightening display of mangled muscle. Mark Muscles eyes water in pain and agony as his tries to resist the devastation of the brutal torture.