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Marco traps Mark Muscle in a headscissors submission in Thunders Arena

Mark Muscle vs Marco - Bodybuilder Battle 104

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

The massive Mark Muscle is doing a photoshoot in the Thunder’s matroom with Arena superstar Marco!  The camera loves both of these musclehunks – Marco’s ripped, lean physique and Mark Muscle’s pure mass of beef!  Anyone who has seen either of these guys in action knows that they both have egos as big as their pecs!  Both men start mirroring and copying the others poses, jostling for position in front of the camera.  Marco decides he wants the shoot all to himself, shoving Mark Muscle away, telling him to “get out of here”!  Mark refuses to leave, which just gets Marco all riled up – egos flare and the match is on!

Marco challenges the bodybuilder. “When you’re done with your little bikini photoshoot, why don’t you come over here and wrestle some real muscle?”  The massive bodybuilder bounces his pecs and slowly turns to face Marco. “The champ doesn’t need to come over there – you need to come to the champ!”  Mark Muscle tries to intimidate the Thunder’s veteran, bouncing his huge pecs in Marco’s face!  It’ll take more than that to get in Marco’s head though as he pushes the behemoth to the centre of the mat.  The two wrestlers lock up, with Marco getting behind and slapping on a rear bearhug, lifting the bodybuilder off the mat!  Mark Muscle absorbs the hold, forcing Marco to relinquish and lock up again.  This time Marco goes for the legs!  Marco uses all his strength, but the giant remains standing!  Marco regroups, wondering what to go for next, looking for the chink in Mark Muscle’s armour!  Marco fires punches into the bodybuilder’s abs and pecs, the blows glancing off like rain off a windshield!  Marco decides enough is enough and goes for Mark Muscle’s balls – there’s the chink in his armour!  The musclehunk sinks to the floor as Marco flexes over him asking “Who’s the champ now?”  Marco follows up with his signature Schoolboy Pin, flexing a perfect double bicep pose for the camera!  Mark pushes Marco off and rises up, his face a mask of fury!  “Oh s***!” says Marco, an understatement if there ever was one!

Mark Muscle looks like he wants to destroy the bad boy!  Marco offers his hand in a show of sportsmanship, but Mark Muscle grabs it and pulls him in for a rib-shattering rear bearhug!  Marco can’t escape and starts to fade, so Mark Muscle releases the bearhug and wraps his hands around Marco’s neck, choking him and pushing him to his knees! Marco is on the edge of unconsciousness!  In sheer and utter desperation, he throws his arm up between Mark’s massive legs, ramming his forearm into Mark Muscle’s balls!  Marco gets behind the bodybuilder, trapping his arm and leg, stretching him out and pounding on his abs!  Mark Muscle catches Marco’s head, pulling him over and crushing his head in a side headlock!  Marco’s face is going the colour of Mark Muscle’s trunks as the muscle man crushes Marco’s skull against his rock hard chest!  Marco again fires a dirty shot into Mark’s balls to free himself, falling back on the dirty tricks that have made him infamous!  Marco grabs Mark’s legs and sits back on his big pecs, Marco rock-hard glutes pressing down on Mark’s chest as his hamstring is stretched!  Marco’s ego comes to the fore again as he gets up, goading Mark to get up.  Be careful what you wish for Marco – Mark Muscle rises off the mat and charges Marco, lifting him up by his throat and parading him around the mat!  Mark Muscle drops Marco to the mat, posing and flexing over his body!  He drags Marco back up, throwing him against the wall and drilling fist after fist into Marco’s six pack!  Marco sinks to the mat, but Mark isn’t done as he pounds those abs some more!  Marco isn’t done either as he surprises the mass monster with a perfectly executed headscissors!  Bearhugs, camel clutch, backbreakers, ball shots – this is a war!  Who will survive?  Will Marco’s dirty tricks and ripped physique prevail over the muscle monster?  Or will Mark Muscle’s incredible strength and power be too much to handle?  Get this match today to see the shock ending to this match and who walks off the mat in triumph!