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Mark Muscle vs Snake - Mat Wars 136

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

"I'm gonna make you remember me big boy!" threatens the arrogant Snake ready to make Mark Muscle his bitch. The 300lbs behemoth ignores his tiny competition and does push-ups as Snake climbs on his hulking back. Mark Muscle easily lifts the 200 pounder up and down before rising to his feet. Snake continues running his mouth and is picked up in back-breaking belly to belly bearhugs. Groaning in pain, Snake is powerless to escape as Mark Muscle squeezes his powerful pythons tighter and tighter. The sneaky Snake crumbles to the mat but soon recovers and charges in for an attack. Mark Muscle easily lifts the arrogant rookie in brutal chokelifts as his meathook hands nearly snap Snake's neck. Snake gasps for air collapsing to the ground as the 300lbs giant mounts his back. Powerless to escape, Snake screams in pain and is broken apart with arm bars, hammerlocks, and tortuous stretches. "Get me out of here!" pleads Snake as the sinister Mark Muscle wraps him up in a crushing body scissors and brutal Boston crab. "I can do this all day!" threatens the muscle giant; his deep maniacal laughter filling the arena. Mark Muscle flexes his rock-hard biceps as Snake slowly recovers and surprises the giant with a "snake bite!" The painful move has the 300lbs giant struggling to stay on his feet as Snake strikes with a powerful sleeper. Is this the beginning of the end for Mark Muscle? A surprise twist will have you guessing who wins!