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Steel punished by Mark Muscle with an arm bar submission in Thunders Arena

Mark Muscle vs Steel - Bodybuilder Battle 100

$ 31.25

    The latest battle emanating from Thunders Arena features Steel taking on the massive and powerful Mark Muscle. Early in the bout, Steel does his best to gain the early advantage, but the gigantic Mark Muscle locks on a vicious headlock, utilizing his muscular forearms and biceps to squeeze Steels skull like a watermelon, as he groans in agonizing pain. Soon after, an attempted waist lock by the determined and arrogant Steel is countered by the barely phased Mark Muscle, locking on a vice-like reverse bearhug, leaving the gasping Steel exclaiming “I can’t breath!” as he is crushed by Mark Muscles massive arms. 
    The two powerhouses exchange full nelsons before Mark Muscle locks in his patented cranium crushing headlock once again. Feeling a sense of desperation, Steel goes below the belt, before synching in a headlock of his own. Down, but not out, Mark Muscle fires back, trapping Steel in a devastating head scissors. Steel struggles agains the might of Mark Muscles earth shaking thighs and as they clamp tighter and tighter around his head, engulfing his skull between slabs of massive muscle. 
    The men square off again, exchanging their patented bodybuilding poses before their ripped and massive bodies collide again,taking things down to the mat as the intensity and aggression escalates. The frustrated Steel takes control with a side headlock, followed by a head scissors of his own, returning the favor as Mark Muscle groans in agony whilst trapped between Steels punishing quads. To take the devastation a step further, Steel transitions into a bicep blasting arm bar to do even more damage, before posing dominantly over the battered Mark Muscle, taking a moment to show his arrogance before locking in another tendon tearing hold to Mark Muscles massive arm as he grunts in pain. 
    Never easily satisfied, Steel ups the ante, locking in a brutal camel clutch, mounting his ever-resilient opponent and arching back and ripping on his chiseled back. Mark Muscle groans in agony as his gigantic pecs and massive back are stretched to the limit, before Steel arrogantly lets him back to his feet. “Its too easy” Steel exclaims before Mark Muscle seizes his opportunity, catching Steel in a body crushing bearhug, transitioning into one of the most devastating full nelsons even seen in Thunders Arena. 
    As Mark Muscle shakes and squeezes his bruised and battered body, Steel eventually musters up the energy to fight out of the hold, landing some body shots to Mark Muscles ripped abdominals, before being caught yet again by his statuesque opponent in a neck breaking double choke lift, all but squeezing the last of the air out of Steels lungs. Steel gasps for breath as he desperately tries to escape the hold that he knows could break him at any moment.