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Mark Muscle Viking abs

Mark Muscle vs Viking - Bodybuilder Battle 106

$ 23.99
$ 31.95

Viking has been petitioning Mr Mike for a more worthy opponent, someone who will give him a real challenge.  Mr Mike has just the guy – the massive Mark Muscle!

The video opens on Mark Muscle as he and Viking circle each other on the mat, sizing each other up.  The tension is such, you could slice it with a knife!  Suddenly they lunge in for a lock up, pushing against each other and testing strength.  Viking has 3” on Mark Muscle but he’s giving up 30lbs to the bodybuilder!  With the first lock-up ending in a stale mate, they go in again.  Forehead to forehead, the two gladiators compete with everything they have!  Viking locks hands with Mark in a test of strength – the muscleman matches power for power, forcing Viking to one knee!  This is new territory for Viking!  He digs down, focussing all his strength on the test at hand – in an amazing show of power, Viking manages to drive up, forcing Mark to his knees!  Viking laughs, confident in his power – but Mark’s muscles aren’t just for show as he drives back up!  Both of these men have been waiting for a challenge like this!

After some flexing, they lock up again with Viking going right back for another test of strength!  He hates loose ends and is determined to put the bodybuilder away!  Viking uses every ounce of his strength, forcing Mark Muscle to his knees – then Viking surprises him by falling backwards, dragging the muscled hunk right into his waiting thighs!  Mark’s hands are still held captive as Viking squeezes, his thighs wreaking havoc on Mark’s ribs!  Viking switches to a cross arm bar, yanking for all he’s worth, but Mark rolls with it, folding Viking up for a pin!  “1…2…”  Viking kicks out, but Mark lunges in and catches him in a catastrophic bearhug!  Viking has NEVER been manhandled like this!  Viking struggles to escape the crushing grip, but Mark just tightens the hold.  Sensing Viking has had enough, Mark Muscle throws him to the mat and hooks his leg for another pin – again, a two count!  Viking gets to his feet as Mark charges in with a clothesline – but Viking grabs the outstretch arm, wrenching it behind and high up Mark’s back!  The bodybuilder is SCREAMING as his shoulder is wrenched out of its socket!  Viking throws Mark to the mat before grabbing his arms, pulling them back in a surfboard!  Mark is in serious pain as Viking pulls him high off the mat before switching to a Boston Crab!  “I thought you were gonna be a challenge” Viking demands Mark’s submission as he cranks back on the Crab – Mark frantically slaps the mat over and over again!  Viking grabs Marks hands, pulling his arms back and choking him with his own massive biceps!  Mark is out, but Viking isn’t satisfied with that as he counts the pin!

Viking isn’t done yet though as he sits Mark up and clasps his head between his powerful thighs – Mark wakes up instantly, the searing pressure shooting through his brain!  Every muscle on Viking’s body stands out as he flexes and crushes Mark Muscle’s head!  Viking falls to one side, keeping the headscissor on – Mark’s face is framed by the crushing quads!  Still Viking isn’t done as he clamps on a Full Nelson!

There is so much more to come, including Mark being chokelifted and thrown against the wall, as well as THE most intense gut bashing session we have EVER seen in Thunder’s Arena!  A humiliating finish!  Get this incredible match today and see how the big boys play!