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Mark Muscle vs Viking - Bodybuilder Battle 109

Mark Muscle vs Viking - Bodybuilder Battle 109

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Mark Muscle's REVENGE!
The 6'4" 265lbs Mark Muscle is back for a rematch against the 6'6" 260lbs Viking. He hears Viking has been talking trash. Mark lost their first match up but says he took it easy because Viking was new. "Time to teach this punk a lesson!" Mark pulls the tank top off his thick muscular body, walks in, and chokes Viking with it. "YOU TOUGH NOW?" yells Mark. This behemoth is ready for battle! 
Viking is choking and caught off guard, "What is happening?" He is taken down, put in a bodyscissor, and WHIPPED repeatedly with the shirt! Mark straddles Viking pinning his arms to the mat. He makes Viking stand up and OVERHEAD PRESSES VIKING WITH EASE! "How's that feel?" Mark wrenches Viking's arm behind his back then applies a rear bearhug. Viking is TREMBLING, tries elbowing his way out, but is unsuccessful. Mark throws his victim against the brick wall, PUNCHES his abs, then lifts Viking up in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG! He is nowhere near done with his punishment and locks in a full nelson. Viking struggles, "This is the only way you can win. Sneak up on me when I'm not ready. We all know you're not man enough to go face to face!" Mark flexes his boulder biceps for the camera, "Oh, I'm man enough!"
Viking tries two KNOCK-OUT punches, but Mark ducks out of the way. The muscle giants lock up in a game of mercy, which is very back and forth. "Oh Marky Mark!" Viking KNEES the muscle monster in the gut, taking him down. Mark recovers, "You might be tall, enhanced, but I'm a much better wrestler than you!" Mark CHOKELIFTS Viking in the air! Viking struggles to breathe and COLLAPSES to the mat. Mark CRUSHES Viking's throat with his foot, locks in a one legged Boston crab, and applies a leg stretch. Viking GUT PUNCHES Mark's rock hard abs to break the hold. 
Both muscle giants get back up, and Mark puts Viking in a MASSIVE full nelson. Viking has had enough and stomps Mark's foot to break the hold. He gets the muscle monster against the wall, and Viking POUNDS his abs. "Do it harder!" yells Mark. Mark recovers and gets Viking in an arm lock. "Hurts don't it!" Both giants then exchange PAINFUL bodychops trying to damage each other's thick chests.
Mark picks up Viking in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug. Viking tries to elbow his way out but can't. "I'm gonna break that spine!" Mark drops Viking, puts him in a TIGHT arm bar, then locks in a MASSIVE head scissor. Viking can't withstand the strength of Mark Muscle's tree trunk quads and passes out! 
Mark flexes his beefy pecs calling himself "Champ!" Viking wakes up and punches/kicks Mark in the side. "You got spirit, but you're a 35%er. I don't like 35%ers! They cheat their way through life." Viking puts the mighty Mark Muscle in a TIGHT sleeper hold, and the giant goes to sleep! 
Viking KICKS Mark telling him to wake up. "I'm not done with you yet!" He puts Mark in a MASSIVE arm bar. "Paybacks a BITCH ain't it!" Mark is moaning in pain. Viking puts Mark in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors then takes him to the mat with his scissors locked in. He mocks Mark calling himself the champion. "You're just another wannabe." Mark gets up and LOW BLOWS Viking. He puts Viking in a CRIPPLING sleeper hold but doesn't let him pass out. Instead, Mark picks up Viking in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG crushing the life out of him, then finishes him off in a DEVASTATING BACK BREAKER!
"My revenge is complete!" Surprisingly, Viking tries to get up but is PUSHED back down. The BEHEMOTH MARK MUSCLE plants his 265 pound frame on top of Viking CRUSHING him! It's 1-2-3. This match is over, and REVENGE has never been sweeter for the mighty Mark Muscle!