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body builders dominating each other thunders wrestling

Mark Muscle vs Wildcard - No Holds Barred 121

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Two of the LARGEST wrestlers in Thunder's Arena are ready to battle in a power vs power CLASH OF THE TITANS!! We're talking a 500LBS matchup with Mark Muscle, 6'4" 265lbs, taking on Wildcard, 5'8" 240lbs. The match begins with Mark Muscle measuring the height difference between himself and his smaller opponent. Wildcard lunges in and picks up the giant in a MASSIVE front bearhug!! Mark struggles to breath, and the hold is released. Wildcard then jumps on the giant's back dragging him to the mat. He attempts a full nelson but Mark is too big for Wildcard to get his arms around. Instead, he locks in a body scissors/sleeper combination calling Mark a bitch! Mark recovers and picks up Wildcard in a BONE-CRUSHING front bearhug before dropping him to the mat. Wildcard retaliates and picks up the giant WITH EASE carrying him around on one shoulder!! He straddles the giant on the mat and headlocks him tight. Mark Muscle escapes and wrenches Wildcard's arm behind his back. He tells his short opponent he's barely as tall as his pecs. The giant then locks in a full nelson as he towers over Wildcard. Wildcard admits he may be short, but he's smarter. He takes Mark to the mat, and Mark challenges Wildcard to try and pin him. Wildcard locks in different holds, stretches, and cradles, but is only able to get repeated 2 counts. Mark declares he's UNPINABLE! Wildcard is put in a standing head scissors. Mark Muscle, aka the big behemoth bitch is taken down again. Wildcard tries to pin the giant using his reverse head scissors, but it's still just 2 counts. Mark comes back and twists Wildcard's head almost to the point of breaking. He tells Wildcard that's what he gets for being so short. Wildcard has had it with the short comments and picks the giant up in another front bearhug! He transitions to a rear bearhug and throws Mark to the mat. Wildcard's POWER is insane!! He clubs the giant's chest with his meaty forearms but still can't get a pin. Mark twists Wildcard's head again DEMANDING he admit he sucks. Wildcard refuses, and Mark challenges him to a game of mercy. Wildcard UNLEASHES his power and forces Mark to the mat with their hands still clenched together. Mark bench presses against Wildcard with their grips still locked in, and the game of mercy ends with Wildcard thrown across the mat. Mark Muscle walks around admiring how tall and handsome he is. Wildcard takes the giant down in a full nelson then applies a sleeper hold! The 265lbs giant is stretched out and goes to sleep! Mark wakes up and low blows Wildcard. He cranks on Wildcard's neck again then flexes for the camera calling himself Mr. Incredible! Wildcard takes out the giant's legs sending him to the mat. He then locks in his signature reverse head scissors. Wildcard's tree trunk quads are SQUEEZING the air out of the giant! Mark is moaning and struggles to breathe admitting Wildcard is a strong bodybuilder. Wildcard commands the BIG BEHEMOTH BITCH to go to sleep!! The giant is powerless to break the hold and is soon counting sheep. Wildcard plants his foot on the giant's gut in a victory pose then finally pins the muscle beast. Surprisingly, Mark wakes up! Wildcard is ready and puts the giant in another sleeper hold. Will Mark Muscle go to sleep for the final time or get his revenge and take out Wildcard? Buy this Battle of the Big Boys to find out!