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Mars vs Fat Tony - Mat Rats 180

$ 32.95

We Want your opinion! Fat Tony is the newest addition to the roster at Thunders Arena! We are going to do something exciting and let the fans vote of whether YOU want Tony on the roster or not! So Watch and let us know YOUR opinion on the newest guy, Fat Tony!

Mars looks across the mat at Mystery Wrestler, Fat Tony! In a tight white singlet that shows off every feature of his well built physique, Tony shows his muscles to Mars. Mars attempts to keep up flexing for himself and that is when things turn physical! Mars snatches Tony into a side headlock and squeezes! Tony fights to break free, but Mars is fighting dirty with a ball claw and Tony is back locked down in a headlock!  Sleepers are THE weapon of choice for this match.  Plus find out why he is called Fat Tony, he's not fat so you get to look at him and figure it out. 😈

Download Today and see Fat Tony wrestle the god of war, Mars!