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Mars vs Reggie - Rough & Ready 151

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Mars is caught off guard by the size of the 260 lbs Reggie! Mars admires and muscle worships every muscle on Reggie's body. After comparing muscles Reggie has had enough of Mars talking. He SLAMS Mars on the mat and jumps on top of him. He sits on his chest and uses a no holds barred schoolboy pin to humiliate Mars. Reggie plants a foot on Mars' chests and flexes! Mars stumbles to his feet and jumps on Reggie's back! Reggie is unphased and tosses Mars across the mat. Reggie wraps his legs around Mars head and squeezes while ripping at his victim's shoulders. Reggie begins to throw Mars around the mat rag dolling him. He jumps on top of Mars and smothers him in a leg scissors. Mars begins to slowly suffocate in Reggie's glutes.

A knee to the face takes Reggie down, but not for long! Reggie flips Mars back over and cranks on his lower back. Reggie powerfully stands up holding Mars upside down and threatens to drop him on his puny neck! "I'm in control now! I will do whatever I want to you!" Reggie does just that and smashes Mars head first into the mat! Mars is nearly decapitated and Reggie does NOT care!

Mars is taking a BEATING and is beginning to really feel the pain, but he will not quit! Reggie drops him to the mat over and over before locking in another brutal head scissors to make Mars submit. Will Reggie show any mercy for the rookie, Mars? A series of BRUTAL BEARHUGS and CHOKELIFTS answer that question for you.

A Shocking ending will have you gasping for air! Download Today to see how it all happens!