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Mars vs Scrappy- No Holds Barred 242 Part 1

$ 34.75

Mars is PUMPED to wrestle Scrappy! He addresses his fans directly letting them know he is about to be the legend killer! Scrappy hears Mars from the other room and bangs Mars off the mat! He flexes for the camera and oozes the charisma Mars wanted to be around so badly! Arrogance fills the room as both men flex and look their opponent up and down. The wrestlers begin foaming at the mouths to get their hands on their opponent and then a strong shove from Scrappy to the middle of Mars' chest gets the ball rolling! 

Scrappy takes full control from the start and rolls Mars around the mat with ease. Scrappy uses his body contact to keep Mars pressed down and immobile...until he is bored 😎 He yanks Mars off the mat and slams him down into an over the knee back breaker attempting to snap Mars' lower back. Then he sits right on Mars' chest and folds him up. Scrappy now has a hard on for punishing his opponent's lower back. He folds Mars up in every possible hold! Then comes the humiliation...

Scrappy owns Mars' body on the mat adding in painful submissions and punishing holds. Mars still has been biding his time looking for an opportunity to strike against Scrappy. He takes his chances and flips Scrappy over from a pin. But Scrappy is...well scrappy...and scraps his way back into the fight. Then he yaks Mars over his shoulders and slams him back into the wall! Mars crashes to the mat and Scrappy yanks him off the ground into a bearhug! 

Will Mars be able to overcome the legend that is, Scrappy? Or has Mars' mouth run too much again?