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Mars vs Scrappy- No Holds Barred 242 Part 2

$ 22.22
$ 31.59

Part 2 starts with Scrappy's face buried under Mars' crotch. Pushup after pushup, Mars humiliates Scrappy rubbing his groin on his face repeatedly! Scrappy gets pissed! He leaps off the mat and hits Mars with a low blow before pinning him to the mat with a tight body scissors! Mars fights back but he is on the ropes ever since Scrappy nailed him with that low blow! Mars' pain is only amplified when Scrappy throws in more ball claws, rough pec claws, and brutal gut punches!

Mars is in hot water after Scrappy TAKES A BITE out of a certain body part! Mars pushes Scrappy off him with his legs launching Scrappy into the concrete wall! Scrappy hits head and passes out falling right between Mars' open legs! Scrappy groggily wakes up and Mars takes his chance to lock in a figure four headlock! Scrappy moans in pain threatening another bite. Mars relieves Scrappy of the tight hold and Scrappy quickly lifts Mars up. Slamming him to the wall, Scrappy unleashes a barrage of gut punches leaving Mars to fight back even harder!

Scrappy goes vintage with bearhugs and Full Nelsons and Mars can play that game just as hard! He reaches around grabbing Scrappy in an in-escapable bearhug! Muscles popping and moans of pain fill the garage as the finale reaches a climax! In what became a two-part muscle worship slugfest, a victor will be crowned and a loser will be licked. Download now and find out!