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Mars vs Silas - Custom Video Series 161

$ 31.25

Mars is PISSED that Silas pawned off his Xbox. Mars says “I bet if we were fighting for real I would win.” They then both stand up and Mars walks a little away from Silas. Mars takes off and runs right at Silas who quickly moves out of the way. Mars SLAMS into the wall then hitting the floor lying unconscious! Silas sees that Mars is not moving. Silas turns Mars over “you ok bro?” he asks. He lifts his head and Mars is dead weight. Silas then punches him a few times and says “wake up bro” and Mars wakes up. Mars clearly has a concussion and Silas does not care at all! Mars disagrees and says he doesn’t remember, but he would not have done that because he is obviously stronger than that. Silas is fed up with Mars! "You went out so easy bro, I bet I could knock you out like ten more times.” Mars fights back but Silas quickly reverses and Mars is placed in a sleeper hold! Mars is viciously passed out again. This time Mars is not waking up! Silas kicks and punches him repeatedly to wake Mars. When he wakes up, Silas keeps his word and puts him right back out! Silas continues to play with Mars while he is unconscious. Lifting and letting his arms fall, and standing Mars up only to see him fall back over like dead weight. Will Silas be able to do it 10 times?!?

Fans of sleepers will absolutely LOVE this match as it includes every type of sleeper hold you can think of! Watch the blood drain from each wrestler's faces as they fight to stay conscious in this sleeperFEST!