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Mars vs Silas - Mat Rats 162

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Rookie Debuts:

Mars - 6 ft. 183 lbs. vs Silas - 6'1" 196 lbs.

The rookie on rookie brawl starts intense from the start! Silas gets an immediate advantage over Mars with superior wrestling skills. But that doesn't shut Mars' mouth! Fans of intense action mixed with top shelf trash talking this match is for you! Silas breaks down Mars' sculpted physique with full nelsons, camel clutch holds, headlocks, body scissors, and smooth mat skills that would rival any wrestler on the Thunders Roster!

A test of strength has Silas dominating Mars. Silas lifts Mars up repeatedly giving him a wedgie to add insult to his domination. Mars continuously talks trash although he is getting his ass beat! Mars gets in a choke lift on Silas choking him out before throwing him to the mat and flexing! Silas is not going to be humiliated by the inferior wrestler Mars. He leaps up and goes back on the attack.

Mars has some dirty moves to use in order to gain the advantage and uses multiple ball claws to change the momentum of the match! He gets Silas down and wraps his arms around Silas' neck. Silas slowly and painfully begins to lose air. He fights less and less as his eyes roll back and he starts to sleep. Will Silas pass out?

The action begins again with Mars on his back and Silas returning a painful ball claw! Next, both muscle studs lock up in a series of HOT CHEST TO CHEST BEARHUGS exhausting both men. Both Mars and Silas begin to breath heavy and yell in pain as they each attempt to squeeze the air out of their opponent. Silas gets the upper hand and drops Mars in a excruciating over the knee backbreaker! 

Is Mars too exhausted to continue? Which Rookie will win their debut match and impress Mr. Mike?