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Chaos vs Mighty Mouse & Mr. Bruce vs Bryce - Mat Rats 13

Chaos vs Mighty Mouse & Mr. Bruce vs Bryce - Mat Rats 13

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Chaos vs Mighty Mouse (Big vs Little Match)
Chaos standing over 6 feet 2 inches and 250 pounds is our latest addition to Team Thunder and was up for any challenge. Enter our latest fan favorite Might Mouse, the new kid on the block who has guts to take on anyone, any size, which is awesome when you consider he's only 5 feet 5 inches tall and 175 pounds. Might Mouse has real guts and the heart of a champion to take on a guy Chaos's size. In this match up you will see Chaos show off his power in this match with a rack, choke slams, bearhugs, and he constantly keeps picking up Might Mouse for another power move. You'll see Chaos throw Might Mouse in a backbreaker and even a few body scissors. Chaos definetly wants to show off how strong he is in all kinds of ways. You will love it. If you saw Chaos on Thunder Tv with Joe, you know this guy can wrestle! Watch him attack Mighty mouse with power move after power move he tosses Mighty Mouse, he lifts Mighty Mouse, and benches Mighty Mouse, he even reminds us that Mighty Mouse can fly!

Bryce vs Mr. Bruce
This match is a war more then a match. These two really tore into each other right at the beginning is such a powerful way to prove who was going to dominate this match. The both use great classic wrestling holds. Bryce wasted no time in using his powerful thighs to trap Mr. Bruce in various body scissors, head scissors, and then go for the school boy pin over and over. Once Mr. Bruce regains his composure from the Bryce's atomic bomb arsenal of moves, Mr. Bruce returns the favor by showing off his moves of humiliation. Mr. Bruce attacks with more bearhugs, more body scissors, and more head scissors in a battle of who has the strongest thighs. Two men who just were out to destroy and put major pain onto each other is the goal of this match. I think the intensity of this match comes from pre-match comments about how "old" Mr. Bruce is and that just ticked him off to attack Bryce!