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Chaos vs Batar & Powerman vs ??? - Mat Rats 16

Chaos vs Batar & Powerman vs ??? - Mat Rats 16

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Batar vs Chaos

Need I say more the video preview says it all, one great big vs little match. Batar thought he could overcome the power of Chaos with his technique. Well he found out real quick what it's like to be thrown and dominated all over the mat.


Powerman vs ???

This is a great match up the video preview really shows that. There are a ton of bearhugs in this match and really great amount of flexing and posing as they show off who is going to be king of the mat. You will freak out when you see who the mystery wrestler is, he looks so different from when you last saw him. We filmed him days before he was to enter a bodybuilding contest so his muscles were the most defined we have ever seen him.