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Frank the Tank vs Tony & Dennis vs Alexander - Mat Rats 18

Frank the Tank vs Tony & Dennis vs Alexander - Mat Rats 18

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Frank the Tank vs Tony

Tony gets destroyed by Frank in all kinds of power moves and bearhugs. Thunder's Arena is never excited to be in the presence of cocky show-offs like Frank the Tank, despite the way Frank may view himself. He makes his narcissism apparent before his match, flexing for the camera and claiming proudly that he will "kick some ass." Tony enters the Arena and lets Frank know that he's not the only good looking guy around, and even attempts to give Frank the Tank some nutrition tips, which Frank doesn't take kindly too. Soon the fight erupts and Frank is quick to show his strength and dominance by grasping Tony in a devastating bearhug. He throws Tony down and moves to variations of a boston crab, really putting a hurting on Tony's midsection. Despite Franks attitude, this is a smart maneuver because he is wearing Tony down, who appears to have a conditioning advantage. Even after a long beating by Frank, Tony still continues to fight back, never letting down his guard and never giving up. Frank starts to show minor signs of fatigue, but plays it off well, stopping at various points throughout the match to show off for the camera. These breaks give Tony precious time to recover and make quick attacks on Frank. These attempts are mostly in vein, however, as Frank is continually able to overpower Tony and escape from any hold Tony is lucky enough to lock him in. It is clear that despite his courage and resolve, Tony's never-say-die attitude is starting to waver. He resorts to a chokehold at one point, and later tries to wear Frank down with punches to the midsection. Frank is always sure to return the favor. The end of the match is drawing near and Tony seems as though he can take no more punishment. His attempts to fight back are more limited now and Frank continues his beating. Can Tony pull it together with one last burst of strength or will Frank the Tank live up to his claim of being the Alpha Male?

Dennis the Menace vs Alexander
Standing out by the pool, Thunder's arena newcomer Dennis the Menace flexes his muscles and speaks about how hard he has been training and how much this opportunity means to him. Meanwhile, Alexander paces behind Dennis, mocking his muscular poses, making faces, and just being the Alexander that Thunder's Arena viewers have come to know. An altercation occurs, and Dennis threatens Alexander multiple times. Undeterred by Dennis' threats, Alexander continues to make fun of Dennis, claiming that he is the true talent at Thunder's Arena. When Dennis has had enough, he issues an ultimatum to Alexander, telling them he must either leave, or get tapped out. Alexander continues his verbal tirade until Dennis finally attacks. Dennis proves his worth with mat skills, but is cut off when Alexander lands a solid kick to the gut. Dennis outmaneuvers Alexander on the mat, only to find his hopes dashed by swift kicks and strikes. At one point, Dennis even has the opportunity to punch Alexander, but hesitates. Alexander takes full advantage, tossing Dennis off and pummeling his midsection. Alexander relentlessly destroys Dennis' lower back and abs throughout the match, cutting him off time and time again with quick and vicious striking attacks. The submissions that Alexander hits are centered around cracking Dennis' back and ripping apart his abs. Especially painful to watch are the bearhug and an abdominal stretch. Alexander also mixes some leg locks in with his offense, which prove to be helpful later. Dennis puts a hurting on Alexander with strong leg scissors, full nelsons, and choke holds. These moves are giving the arrogant Alexander a real run for his money. Eventually, Alexander is lucky enough to lock Dennis in a Boston crab, punishing his legs and midsection. Miraculously, Dennis fights out, but finds himself in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Now the pressure is being applied to Dennis' legs. Dennis is still fighting hard to escape, but will it be enough to escape this legendary hold and finally give Alexander his payback? And will Alexander walk away from this with dignity, or display another episode of his usual unsportsmanlike behavior?