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Devin and Batar vs Romeo & Tony vs Angel - Mat Rats 02

Devin and Batar vs Romeo & Tony vs Angel - Mat Rats 02

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Devin, Batar vs Romeo
Mat Rats 2 is off and running with Devin turning on Romeo like a rat. He is still pissed off about Romeo cheating against him in Rough & Ready by grabbing his nuts. Devin was sparing with Batar when he raged out during a flash back and decided to jump Devin himself. Batar joins forces with Devin to jump Romeo and teach him a lesson and humiliate Romeo in a domination 2 on 1 beat down!!! Romeo was put in all kinds of torture submission holds. They each took turns on him just making the boy tap out for mercy.

Tony vs Angel
After a long break Tony has returned to destroy Angel. That boy just never learns. Angel keeps shooting off his mouth at bigger and bigger guys trying to prove he's got what it takes to be the best at Thunder's Arena. I swear Angel doesn't feel pain or has a screw loose up there in how he has no fear in taking anyone to the mats. If you like to see LOTS of flexing and POWER moves this is the match for you. Tony really loves to show off his body and trash talk while he throws Angel around like a rag doll. Angel was worked over but don't think for a second he didn't get his licks in, that boy has got a lot more wrestling skills than we realized and a few surprise moves that Tony wasn't expecting.