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Hooper vs Austin Wolf - Mat Rats 21

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Thunders Arena takes the big guy versus little guy angle to extremes in Mat Rats 21, featuring two of the companys dynamic new finds. Austin Wolf is tall by anyones measuring stick, standing at six-foot-four in his bare feet, but next to Hooper, at five-eight, he looks positively gargantuan. It looks like there's only one way this scenario can play out, but Hooper looks anything but scared. Like all great wrestlers, Hooper actually chomps at the bit to challenge much bigger opponents. Apparently, nothing intimidates him, and by no means does Austin take it easy on the guy. First, Austin smashes him in a bearhugupside up and down both, and eventually in reverse too. Hooper spouts off, saying, That all you got? and Austin proceeds to do everything but twirl him like a baton. Hoopers small but resilient, eager to test his

limits. At one point Austin drops Hooper from a gorilla press. That's easily more than a nine-foot free fall. Hooper clutches his ribs in pain, and he stays in pain for the rest of the bout. Austin raises him in a chokelift, then in a firemans carry, from which position Hooper indefatigably pounds his fist to Austins broad and granite-hard chest, hoping to wear the big guy down. On the mat, Austins stretches are excruciating even to watch, pure hell for a guy like Hooper so much smaller than he is. If the stretch werent bad enough, he delivers sharp chops to Hoopers abs, and still all Hooper says is I can take more. More he gets, as Austin applies a rear naked choke that foreshadows a see-it-to-believe-it climactic knockout. In the matches final third, Austin gets an unexpected taste of what its like to be the little guy, but for the rest you have to respect Hoopers drive, tenacity, and fearlessness.