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Dominic vs Muscles - Mat Rats 23

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Times are tough, and tough times call for drastic measures. Mr. Mike told Dominic that hes just not pulling his weight at the Arena anymore, not enough fan support, low sails, so maybe its time to

replace the Dominator with another muscle stud. In steps Muscles. The name says it all: the man is pure muscle power, muscle piled high on top of muscle. What follows is one of Thunders Arenas most aggressive and spectacular fights ever, as the two titans collide in a heated territorial struggle. The wrestlers lock up like ancient fire-breathing bulls locking horns. Dominic barrels in, roaring, but Muscles, pecs popping in anticipation, is ready and waiting. The newcomer twists Doms arm back and up, and Dominic bellows in pain. The two trade clutches, bearhugs, side headlocks, scissors, full nelsons, and arm bars, the whole larger-than-life arsenal of big man moves. Dominic throws his heart and soul into this fight, bearing down on Muscles with every ounce of aggression he can muster. Its a noisy, sweaty battle that Muscles mostly dominates. Its a contest that obviously only one man can win, and ultimately fate reveals itself in a spectacular torture rack, which leaves one man broken and the other standing tall.