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Lance Romance vs Python - Mat Rats 24

$ 39.95

This is the Python match we have all been waiting for! The man with pipe-bomb arms goes up against suave ladies man Lance Romance. We get two of Thunders Arenas best bodies, physiques of mythic splendor, in brawn-to-brawn combat on the mat. The normally reticent Python cant stop talking once the subject shifts to a subject he cares passionately about: natural bodybuilding and his goal of soon breaking the bench press world record. Bad boy Lance is impressed and drawn to test his own muscle against Pythons. A little taunting and swaggering lead to pushing and shoving, and the extra pretty Romance snags Python into a fast side headlock. The man of iron suffers for a spell but then lifts Lance high off his feet and smashes him to the mat. The action gets rough as the two trade full nelsons, stretches, airplane spins, bearhugs, and arm bars. Python tosses Lances 200 pounds like the mans a rag doll and gives the playboy ample opportunities to feel the pressure of his steely biceps. But Romance is a tricky devil, determined to prove that he has muscles to match his matinee-idol kisser. Together the two wrestlers show just what theyre capable ofand were talking the stuff of legends!