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Ajax batar wrestling bodybuilder thunders arena submission

Ajax and Batar vs Titan & Angel vs Batar - Mat Rats 03

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Ajax & Batar vs Titan in Titan Returns
Mat Rats 3 is a dream come true DVD if you like to watch bearhugs. This match features the brother duo of Ajax & Batar against Titan. Titan tortures Ajax in a bearhugs for a good long time, then throws him down and attacks his brother with bearhugs. Titan is on the comeback road from taking off some time, but he is serious about destroying and dominating the brother duo. Batar has been training really hard and actually tossed Titan with some amazing slams, you'll love to watch Batar work over Titans gut with some SERIOUS punches! Ajax tried to use his great wrestling techniques on Titan but found Titans strength and power just too overwhelming. This brother duo definitely has their work cut out for them, can they bring down the mighty Titan? or will Titan destroy them?

Batar vs Angel in Payback
Angel is pissed!!! Sick of getting his ass kicked he has started a war with the brother duo of Ajax & Batar. Angel knows he can't beat Ajax straight up because he already got his ass kicked by him in Mat Rats 1 so now he goes after the weakest link, Batar. Angel was a state champion high school wrestler and wastes no time in showing Batar his awesome technique of takedowns that made him a champion. Batar counters with some serious bearhugs and body scissors to wear down the champion. They both get really intense to the point Batar really snaps and comes out fighting in a fury of moves that shock and awe Angel. Is that enough to get the win? or will Angel get his payback? Gotta get the DVD and find out.