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Ajax batar wrestling Bearhug submit submission

Angel vs Batar - Mat Rats 03A

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Batar vs Angel in Payback
Angel is pissed!!! Sick of getting his ass kicked he has started a war with the brother duo of Ajax & Batar. Angel knows he can't beat Ajax straight up because he already got his ass kicked by him in Mat Rats 1 so now he goes after the weakest link, Batar. Angel was a state champion high school wrestler and wastes no time in showing Batar his awesome technique of takedowns that made him a champion. Batar counters with some serious bearhugs and body scissors to wear down the champion. They both get really intense to the point Batar really snaps and comes out fighting in a fury of moves that shock and awe Angel. Is that enough to get the win? or will Angel get his payback? Gotta get the DVD and find out.


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