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Specimen vs TAK - Mat Rats 32

$ 31.25

Tak has gotten himself into some very bad spots lately especially with all the trash talking that he does. Specimen stepped up to the plate to teach this little man a lesson once and for all and shut him down. Tak starts off by challenging Specimen to an arm wrestling match, "Best out of three." As Tak prepares himself to take on the big man. After 3 rounds Tak quickly jumps onto Specimen trying to lock on a full nelson with Specimen still on the mat. Specimen doesn't even bother to shove Tak off as he starts busting out some pushups with Tak hanging on his back. While still on the huge back of Specimen, Tak still pushes to get a move on Specimen until he is swung from his arm onto the mat, Specimen quickly wrapping his huge thighs around little Tak. This is just the beginning of things to come. Find out if Specimen will keep Tak quiet for some time.