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Vince stretches the abs of Zman with an abdominal stretch in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Vince - Mat Rats 35

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Indie Pro Wrestler Vince, takes on one of fans favorites Zman. Who returns again to battle it out with the newcomer and show him how it's down around here at Thunders. Vince starts off a little slow with Zman, trying to figure his movements and how flexible and quick he may be. Vince gets Zman into a headlock to start things off after giving a knee to the stomach to Zman and taking him down. It just gets better. The match really heats up soon, Zman and Vince both pulling off some full nelsons and trying to break out of them and reverse out of each hold their in. These guys really went to work.