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Dominic vs Vinny - Mat Rats 38

$ 31.25

The match begins with Vinny giving his fans a lesson how to look like him. Dominic walks in, "Sorry to interrupt you. I see this blue paint on my Ferrari. You hit my car!" Vinny admits nothing, "You wanna settle this now?" Dominic is fired up, "We can settle it now. After I take you, I'll pick you up and take you to the ATM!" Vinny isn't scared, "Don't touch me! I don't care about your Ferrari!"
Vinny takes Dominic down in a tight headlock, but he breaks out and straddles the giant on the mat. Vinny chokes Dominic with one hand finally admitting he hit his car, "Show me what you got? You ain't hurting me!"  Dominic pins Vinny down and gut punches his abs. "How's that feel?" 
Dominic lifts Vinny in a tight rear bearhug. "Look at that bicep! Is that all you got?" He takes Vinny down in a body scissors and gut punches him. "I'll get you! You haven't worn me down yet!" moans Vinny. Dominic lifts the giant on his shoulder. "Looking all big, but you weigh nothing!" He pulls Vinny in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and throws him down. "Give up? You're done! This guy thinks he's bigger than me!" declares Dominic as he lifts Vinny in massive full nelson.
They lock up. Vinny BODYSLAMS Dominic straddling him on the mat. Dominic gut punches Vinny. "Come on you wimp!" Dominic rolls Vinny over in a tight Boston crab, but he swings his legs over slamming Dominic face first into the mat! Vinny bodyslams Dominic again then delivers a crippling camel clutch. "How's that feel tough guy?" "I'm gonna get you so bad!" groans Dominic. 
Vinny SURFBOARDS Dominic two times! "No more! No more! I give up!" screams Dominic. "This guy's got nothing. You can't beat me, I'm too big!" declares Vinny. Vinny locks in a standing head scissors, but Dominic trips him to the mat. "Now it's my turn!" Dominic locks in his own massive surfboard! "I'll get you!" yells Vinny.
Vinny recovers, picks up Dominic, and drops him face first over Vinny's knee! Dominic is in pain but picks the giant up in an over the knee BACK BREAKER elbowing his abs! He attempts a torture rack but is knocked down. Vinny lifts Dominic in a DEVASTATING torture rack shaking him up and down then carries him around in a RAZOR'S EDGE! 
Dominic gains momentum and sneaks behind Vinny, picking him up on his shoulders. "I'm not done with you yet!" He drops him face first on the mat! Vinny retaliates with a massive ab stretch and crushing head scissors. Dominic escapes and body scissors the giant elbowing his abs. "I still have better abs than you!" moans Vinny. 
Camel clutches, ball attacks, clotheslines, and scissors. Will Dominic get the win and carry Vinny off to the ATM like he promised, or will Vinny get the win and run away? This hit-and-run turned wrestling match will have you watching again and again!