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Mogly Tak leg full Nelson submission hold submit torture pain abs pecs chest

Mogly vs TAK - Mat Rats 39

$ 25.95

Mogly steps into the kitchen and finds a calm Tak sitting in a chair meditating. Mogly says hello to Tak, ending his relaxation time. Tak demands Mogly to make him a cup of coffee while he continues to relax. Mogly at first is taken aback and doesn't agree to make him one. But decides he'll make him a cup of coffee anyways as he has a plan for Tak. Mogly steps over to make Tak a cup and instead of giving him cream like Tak asked he gives him milk. Tak takes a sip of the coffe and spits it all over Mogly, stands up then pours the entire cup all over Mogly. He hen proceeds to smack Mogly and carries him out of the kitchen outside to the mat where he begins to battle with Mogly.