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Mogly vs TAK - Mat Rats 39

$ 34.75

Namaste NO WAY!!
Tak is meditating in the living room and is interrupted by Mogly. "Why don't you make me a cup of coffee?" asks Tak. "Why don't you meditate yourself over there and make your own coffee," says Mogly. "Cuz I told you to do it, and you do what I say!" Mogly makes the coffee but secretly uses milk instead of cream. Tak is allergic to milk. "You trying to poison me!" He dumps the coffee on Mogly's head and carries him to the patio. 
Tak throws Mogly down, digs his knee in his back, and yanks on his arm. Mogly screams in pain! Next comes a crippling camel clutch and surfboard. "You gotta learn to make a cup of coffee the right way!" Tak sleepers Mogly. "I'll give you a breather, no just kidding!" Mogly gasps for air and is let go.
Tak locks in a head scissors and vicious arm bar. "Ahh my elbow!" yells Mogly. "Got some pretty big guns for a small guy!" says Tak as he releases the hold. "You know what meditation boy, you should calm down!" Mogly slams Tak to the mat, locks in a camel clutch, and delivers an over the knee back breaker! "How you like meditating in this position?" Tak is in agony! Next comes a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "Teach you to make your own coffee!" 
Tak recovers and wants revenge! A leg sleeper, back breaker, and massive bearhug, "You scream when I tell you to scream!" Tak stretches Mogly's back across his legs and bodychops him. Both exchange tight bearhugs! Tak leg sweeps Mogly and hammerlocks his arm. "You're gonna break my shoulder!" screams Mogly. 
Elbow drops, sleepers, hammerlocks, and back breakers! Will one of these wrestlers experience the ultimate meditation and be put to sleep? It's meditation turned muscle mayhem! You will be watching again and again!