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Monstro vs Angel and Batar - Mat Rats 04A

Monstro vs Angel and Batar - Mat Rats 04A

$ 25.95

Monstro vs Angel & Batar in Monstro's Workout

Mat Rats 4 takes a new direction. We have gotten a lot of requests for Monstro to take on little guys. Well he desides to workout and then along comes Angel. They become fast friends and Monstro desides to use Angel as a barbell because there wasn't enough weights around. Plus when that isn't enough weight he grabs Batar and stars adding him to the workout. If you wanna see a big man use his raw power to lift and turn people into human barbells and dumbells then this lifting video is for you. It's definetly not like anything we have ever done, power, muscles, and tons of flexing and showing off bodies to see the size differences between the guys. Monstro is huge, Batar is medium, and Angel is small but ripped so it gives some great contrasts to stuff and of course tempers do get heated with all those massive egos in one room but that will have to be continued later...