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Batar Zman head scissors abs pecs chest arms

Batar vs Zack the Zman & Devin vs Razor - Mat Rats 06

$ 25.95

Zack "the Zman" vs Batar
You'll see bearhugs, gut punching, boston crabs, camel clutches, body scissors, head scissors, and too many other great wrestling holds to list here. If you enjoy watching two men built like greek gods battle it out on the mat, this is the match for you to enjoy.

Devin vs Razor
You'll see more action and more excitment with this new wrestler Razor. He is a man Devin met while training for his up coming trip overseas. In case you haven't heard, Devin has been invited to go overseas to Japan to train with Pride, a world class mixed martial arts federation that is bigger than UFC here in the states. This will be one of his last match before he leaves us to start his world tour and trainning in Japan, first of next month. He will be under contract with them for 2-3 years and not able to wrestle for Thunder's Arena during that time.