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Batar vs Monstro & Zman Zack vs Monstro - Mat Rats 07

Batar vs Monstro & Zman Zack vs Monstro - Mat Rats 07

$ 25.95

Monstro vs Batar
You'll see a new fierce side to both these wrestlers. Batar gets out on the mat and steps up to his biggest challenge yet MONSTRO! They both were cocky but Monstro may have under estimated Batars technical skills to take down the big men. You'll see our new bearhug Monstro like's to call "the sharkhug", gut punching, boston crabs, camel clutches, body scissors, head scissors, and splits plus many other great wrestling holds during this match. This is a serioius battle of survival for Batar, let's hope he can come out of it in one piece.

Zack the Zman vs Monstro
Pritty boy, fashion model, and all American guy Zack the Z-Man is one BRAVE dude! He hasn't even been here 2 weeks and he begged me to set up this match with Monstro. In Zack's words, "The bigger they are the harder they fall. I'm not afraid of some big OLD wind bag wrestler. Monstro is going DOWN!" All I got to say is Zack pissed off one BIG DUDE and Monstro came out fighting MAD! There were moves and power slams like I've never seen. Your going to see Zack battle out for his life, Monstro is gunning for him with full domination & destruction! Bearhugs that are vicious, body scissors, power bombs, piledrivers, camel clutches, head scissors, over the shoulder back breakers, racks, and even pressing him so high Zack is in the ceiling before he comes crashing down! Get it to see if the pritty boy gets snapped in half or he takes down the giant Monstro!