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Cody vs Devin & Zack the Zman vs Alexander - Mat Rats 09

Cody vs Devin & Zack the Zman vs Alexander - Mat Rats 09

$ 25.95

Starring 2 former Playgirl Models on one DVD!

Cody vs Devin
NEW wrestler Cody is a former All American Guy and Playgirl Model. His favorite finishing move is the bearhug, so get ready to see him destroy people with those powerful arms. He's a surfer boy from California that doesn't take crap off of anyone. He'll get in anyone's face at the beach if they disrespect him, and has no problem taking guys down right there on the sand for a quick scrap. You know how much Devin likes teaching pretty boys a lesson that they just can't walk in off the street and start talking crap here at Thunder's Arena. He couldn't wait for us to get this guy signed so he could put this "scrapper" into some really painful wrestling holds. Cody, didn't care he knows this is going to be a battle to see who has the best bearhug and see who can take the most pain!

Zack the Zman vs Alexander
Pro Wrestling FANS hold on to your seats! This is one rock 'em sock 'em super brawl that uses every move in the book! We have got to get these two in a real ring soon because they did everyone move and slam and dirty trick in the book you could think of without ropes. There are piledrives, pedigree, bearhugs, power bombs, double clotheslines, flying surfboards, ab stretches, sleepers, and so much more! Domination just goes back and forth with these two as they try to get the win. Zack is one tough man, Alexander chops the crap out of him for REAL and you can see the marks left on his chest for the rest of the match! Definitely you gotta see this, it will definitely entertain you!