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Zman Sampson body scissors head lock pecs arms

Zman vs Maximus & Zman vs Sampson - Mat Wars 11

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Zman vs Sampson

Z-Man is BACK! Thunder's Arena has moved to a new location Sampson's house. We find Z-man and our newest wrestler Maxiumus by the pool both warming up for some afternoon mat practice. Sampson walks in and Z-man shoots his mouth off and says he and Maximus can beat Sampson in a 2 agaist 1 tug of war. Well the battle is on to show off Sampson's power! He makes short work of the tug of war and attacks Z-man like a wild man. He uses all kinds of power moves, lifts, throws, and power bombs! His arrogance and power is out of control! Sampson is a real bad ass this match. Total destruction, domination, learn respect boy, squash job match against Z-man. Plus there is interference in this match from Maximus as he tries to save Z-man, yet he only finds himself trapped in another of Sampson's powerful 2 man bearhugs. That's right a 250 lbs man (Maximus) plus 165 lbs of Z-man get slammed together and lifted in Sampson's world famous double bearhug! You gotta see this to believe it! RAW POWER!

Zman vs Maximus
Direct from "across the pond" comes Maximus a new pro wrestler we found taking the London pro wrestling scene by storm. He had heard about Z-man through a friend and how arrogant he was. Maximus decided he was man enough to teach our little Z-man some respect & English manners so he contacted us about booking a match. We flew him into Florida and it was worth every penny we spent to get such a great match like this on film! Maximus really hates Z-man and just wanted to brutalize him with overwhelming domination! Maximus slaps Z-man around, throws him like a rag doll, and lifts him overhead several times. He puts Z-man in new mat submission holds in variations we have never seen before. The look on Maximus face is so intense you really think he is trying to break Z-man in half. Yet he lifts and twists Z-man with such power you think he is a toy instead of a 165 lb super model. Z-man never new what hit him, especially in the new version of a bearhug Maximus created using Z-man as its first victim. You will hear Z-man beg to submit and Maximus just mocks his pain and ignore Z-mans tap outs. Brutal stuff if you like watching a big man tear a little guy apart using a chain of submission wrestling moves. This match comes off intense! Watch Z-man beg for mercy.