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Iceman arm bar E-Z chest bicep pecs

Iceman vs E-Z & Mr. Bruce vs Zen21 - Mat Wars 14

$ 25.95

Iceman vs E-Z
Our world famous big vs little matches are back with 6'2 and 210 pounds of attitude E-Z taking on Iceman. Once a former college football player E-Z has now started training for UFC fights and just could not stand to see such a cocky little guy like Iceman go unchallenged. Ever since coming to Thunder's Arena Iceman has won all his matches. E-Z was not about to be shown up by a little guy. They lock up and right away the trash talks starts about who has bigger biceps. There are great holds in this match like bearhugs, choke lifts, Boston crabs, camel cluthes, plus Iceman uses his massive thighs for scissor holds over and over again. There are some fierce gut punching parts as well. Which is going to win, big muscle guy or little muscle guy with a lot of attitude?

Zen21 vs Mr. Bruce
Christopher Bruce, is back and boy is he pissed. He thinks he is the baddest wrestler in the underground wrestling scene. He doesn't want to put up with these new young rookies trying to steal his spotlight. This is a classic mat battle, with lots of holds held long time working each other over on the mat to get the submission. They exchange full nelsons, body scissors, and even schoolboy pins! You will see a new some fierce stretching holds as they sweat it out to prove who is going to dominate. The bearhugs, and they are a LOT of bearhugs in this match, done by Mr. Bruce were especially fierce in how you could see he was out to break a rib to get the win. This is one rough, sweaty, manly match you will enjoy watching again and again.