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Diesel headlock Ace flexing bicep huge arm pecs

Ace vs Diesel & Ace vs Maximus - Mat Wars 15

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Ace vs Diesel
Behold one of the best discoveries to underground wrestling since Steve Sterling! Diesel is our newest wrestler. This new recruit out of New York to Thunder's Arena is all attitude and power, wrapped up in a 5'7" and 200 pound body of dynamite. He has courage, confidence, and domination that will not quit. His take no prisoners wrestling style is brutal. He likes to inflict pain and fight it out on the mat. He hates pritty boys and begged us to let him destroy and dominate our newest wrestling boy wonder Ace. This match has bearhugs, sleepers, full nelsons, racks, and a few surprises you will sure to love! What caused this match was when Diesel, just minding his own business lifting by the pool, was approached by Ace who told him he had bad lifting form. Then Ace got so arrogant as to tell Diesel that if he ever wanted to know how to really learn how to lift better that he should hire him as a personal trainer. You don't tell a 2 time bodybuilding champion like Diesel that he needs to learn better form in his lifting...the fight was on.

Ace vs Maximus
Big vs Little match at it's finest. You'll see Maximus show off his power with bearhugs, lifts, slams, and full nelsons and more bearhugs to really make Ace cry out for submission. Plus you'll see Ace do some great counters to stuff and take the big man down and get an advantage using great leverage and superior mat work. Ace has a mean arm bar submission and leg locks that wear the big man down even more with head scissors and body scissors. This is a real battle you want to add to your collection. Long held mat holds and many head scissors, bow and arrow submission holds and various leg locks.