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Ajax lifts Ace bearhug carry big arms bicep pecs

Ajax vs Ace - Mat Wars 19A

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Ajax vs Ace
Ace is getting a bad attitude. He is starting to try and bully his way around the other guys. Why just the other day he walked outside and found Ajax working out, then for no reason he totally went off on him about how ugly Ajax was, how rude he was, and how bad a wrestler he was. All this drama just because Ajax was there lifting at the same time Ace wanted to take a swim. Ajax doesn't let people verbally walk all over him, he came back with put up or shut up, and off to the mat room they went. Everybody thinks that Ajax is such a "good guy" but when you tick him off he can really dominate on the mat. Ajax was angry by Aces comments and put him in some of the long held body scissors and head scissors, cracking it harder and tighter till we thought Ace's head was going to pop off. Ace retaliates by putting Ajax in a move we have never before, he calls the teardrop smash. Ajax was able to bust out and then attack using his strong upper body to crush Ace's lower back in a vicious bearhug, repeatedly. The cool part is Ajax has been getting more training since you last saw him. He used one of his new moves he calls the inverted figure 4 leg lock. l, this is one cool move to see slapped on someone. You will be glad you watched this match.