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Antonio vs Angel & Zman vs Cody - Mat Wars 24

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Antonio vs Angel
Antonio is working out by the pool when Angel walks up and starts harassing him. The two start pushing each other around, which quickly leads to Angel stripping off to his trunks and they start wrestling. Antonio is very impressed with his own body and doesn't understand why Angel would be bothering him. They eventually lock up and Ange; surprises Antonio by ducking in and picking him up in a bearhug. He dumps him on the mat and digs his knee into Antonio's stomach while he punches him repeatedly. Angel keeps the upper hand while they wrestle on the mat. After they stand back up, Antonio grabs Angel in a bearhug. After carrying him around for a long time, Angel finally breaks free and grabs Antonio by the leg, knocking him down. They roll around opn the mat for a bit until Angel gets Antonio in a painful armbar that he holds for a long time. After a second long armbar, Antonio finally gets free and stands up, only to have Angel jump on his back. Angel rides around on Antonio's back for a while until Antonio finally gets loose, only to have Angel grab his leg, knocking him down. He twists Antonio's leg around causing him to have to turn over to avoid a painful injury. They break apart and square off again. Angel gives Antonio a reverse bearhug. He drops Antonio on the mat and quickly gets the bigger guy in a schoolboy pin. The two wrestlers go back and forth on the mat, pinning each other several times. This winds up with Angel getting Antonio's head in a leg scissor. After they get back up, Antonio grabs Angel and picks him up over his head. After Antonio drops hims, Angel comes back and attacks Antonio that leads to getting Antonio in a surfboard pin. When he lets go of Antonio's arms, Angel quickly turns around and grabs Antonio's legs in a boston crab. When Angel lets go, Antonio cracks his knee on the concrete, causing him to writhe around on the mat in pain. Angel takes advantage of the situation, grabs Antonio's bad leg and starts to twist it. They break apart again only to have Angel get Antonio up against a post where he starts gut punching the bigger guy. They continue to wrestle around on the mat, taking turns torturing each other until...well that ending you will have to see for yourself it's impressive!

Zman vs Cody

Zman has brought Cody, a new wrestler, to Thunder's Arena. They start out bantering back and forth when Zman challenges Cody to arm wrestle. After the arm wrestling now they both are hot and bothered and ready to lock up. Cody quickly picks Zman up on his shoulder and carries him around the mat. He drops him and Zman grabs his leg. They wrestle around on the mat until Cody gets Zman's arms trapped and starts punching him in the gut. Zman gets free and they lock up again. Zman gets the advantage and puts Cody in an armbar. The two trash talk each other and wind up back down on the mat with until Cody manages to pick Zman back up onto his shoulder again. He drops him on the mat and Zman gets the advantage, but only for a minute as Cody grabs Zman by the neck and flips him over. He pumnches Zman several times before letting him up. Then he gets Zman up against the wall and gut punches him several times. The two switch places as Cody shows he can take a punch as well. Zman takes control when Cody winds up face down on the mat. and put him in a kind of upside down Mexican table that looks like it should hurt both of them. They lock up again after Zman lets go and Cody gets Zman on the mat where he jumps on top of him. He tortures Zman with his fists and knees and then picks Zman up again, this time in a bearhug.. He drops him only to quickly get Zman in a surfboard pin. He lets Zman go and They start trash talking each other again. Zman takes control by grabbing Cody around the neck, throwiung him onto the mat where he starts punching the new guy in the gut. He puts Cody in a full nelson and stretches him out. Cody gets the advantage afterwards and pins Zman back down on the mat. He punches Zman in the gut several times, then grabs him by the hair pulling him up only to grab him again, flipping Zman over into a painful banana split. Cody atsys in control and keeps torturing Zman on the mat. Zman finally gets free and grabs Cody from behind, stretching him out so he can slap his abs. When Zman thinks he has totally dominated Cody, he lays down on the mat. mocking the new guy. Cody doesn't waste any time and punches Zman in the thigh. Zman jumps up and the two square off again. Cody knocks Zman down and gets Zman's head trapped in a leg scissors. He manages to slide down and body scissors Zman where he continues to torture him. Zman finally gets free and attacks Cody. He picks him up and drops him into an over the knee back breaker. He stands on Cody's legs and pulls him backwards by tha arms. When he lets go, the two start dancing around the mat until Cody gets Zman in a headlock and starts punching him in the gut. Cody takes over the fight until he drops Zman in a pile driver. The figure 4 is so brutal to watch, you don't want to miss what happens next.