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Angel headlock Edge big pecs arms head lock

Angel vs Edge - Mat Wars 25A

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Angel vs Edge

Edge is back and Thunders Arena and Angel is ready to take him on. The two of them start by locking up and Edge quickly flips Angel over onto the mat. He keeps Angel pinned to the mat for a while before letting him up. After they dance around each other for a minute or two, Edge take control and gets Angel in a headlock. He drags Angel around by his neck, then takes him down to the mat where he adds a leg scissors to the headlock. Angel is completely trapped and can't move. Edge finally has mercy and lets Angel go. Edge quickly gets Angel back down on the mat, but this time Angel leg scissors Edge and flips him over. Angel quickly grabs Edge's arm in an arm bar that makes Edge tap out. They get right back to wrestling around on the mat and this time Edge puts Angel in an arm bar. After letting go, the wrestlers dance around a bit while Edge flexes and poses. Angel comes up behind Edge and jumps on his back. Edge drops to the mat as Angel wraps his legs around Edge's waist and his arms around his neck. Edge quickly gives in and they jump back up on their feet. Again, Edge gets Angel down on the mat where he gets leg scissors Angel head. Angel struggles and manages to stand up while still trapped in Edge's legs. When he gets his head free, Angel quickly jumps on Edge and gets him in a choke hold that Edge eventually has to tap out of. Before Angel has a chance to get up, Edge jumps on him and chokes him out. When they lock up again Angel takes control and holds Edge down for a bit until Edge flips over and traps Angel with his legs. He keeps Angel trapped for a bit, them shoves him away. After some flexing, Edge attacks Angel, who is still down on the mat, but Angel quickly wraps his legs around Edge's neck. Edge struggles, then manages to pick Angel up over his head with Angel's legs still locked around his neck. He holds Angel up for just a second, then drops him. They lock up and Angel drops to one knee and flips Edge over and they wrestle around for a bit on the mat. Edge starts punching Angel first with his hand, then with his knee. He manages to knee Angel in the eye before letting him go. As Angel lays on the mat recovering, Edge jumps back on top of him and holds him down while flexing for the camera. Edge continues his assault on Angel, trapping him and letting him go for a while, then after Angel briefly gets Edge in a full nelson, Edge breaks free and grabs Angel, lifting him up over his head. After he drops Angel on the mat, he picks him back up in a bear hug. After tormenting Angel for quite a while, Angel manages to grab on of Edge's legs and locks onto it. The leg lock lasts long enough to put Edge in some real pain, causing him to limp after Angel lets him go. Angel takes advantage and grabs Edge in a reverse bearhug. After he lets Edge go, Angel grabs his arm and throws him up against the post where he starts gut punching him. Angel keeps control for a while, then Edge takes over and puts Angel up against the post for gut punching. They take turns against the post, then it takes a turn...