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Ace Hanson headlock Rocky Brick arms big bicep back

Ace Hanson vs Rocky Brick - Mat Wars 26A

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Ace Hanson vs Rocky Brick

Rocky Brick was tied to a post in his last match with Cameron Mathews. Ace Hanson is making himself something to eat in the kitchen when he hears Rocky's cries for help. Ace comes to Rocky's rescue and brings him inside to introduce him to "The Smasher". As soon as they get inside, Ace shoves Rocky down on the mat. Rocky tries to get up, but Ace keeps knocking him back down. When he finally lets Rocky up he grabs him from behind in a bearhug. When he lets Rocky out of the bearhug, he quickly grabs him again and lifts him in a firemans carry. After walking around trash talking with Rocky on his shoulders, Ace turns Rocky upside down, then drops him on the mat. He grabs him again from behind in a choke hold and roughs him up while continuing the trash talk. Ace grabs Rocky under his arms and pulls him up so he can throw him over his shoulder. He walks around with Rocky draped over his shoulder. When he drops Rocky off of his shoulder, Ace pins him down on the mat and they wrestle around for a bit with Ace putting Rocky in a headlock. He picks Rocky up by his neck and quickly wraps his arms around around Rocky's legs, where he picks him up upside down (you have to see it) and drops him in a pile driver. While Rocky is laying on the mat recovering, Ace grabs him by the hair and makes him stand up, only to knock him back down again, he repeats this, then picks Rocky up into a reverse bearhug. He drops Rocky on the mat and wraps his legs around him in a body scissors, where he starts slapping his chest. They wrestle around some more until Ace gets his legs around Rocky's neck. Ace continues to torment Rocky, putting him in several different holds and stretching him out. He finally lets him go for a minute, only to catch Rocky off guard and picks him up in his arms like a baby. He drops him again, then picks him back up and carries him around in a bearhug. When he lets Rocky out of the bearhug, Ace tackles him again and wraps him up in a leg scissors. Just when Ace thinks he has Rocky beat, Rocky attacks and bearhugs Ace. Rocky keeps up the attack and gets Ace in a choke hold, only to have Ace surprise him by grabbing Rocky's legs and turns him upside down. Ace returns Rocky's choke hold and tries to make Rocky say his name. Rocky doesn't stay down for too long and ends up picking Ace up over his head by his neck. The two take turns dominating the other until they end up in a clothesline contest. Find out what crazy turn of events happens when these two massive men collide!