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Edge grapples Antonio on mat bodybuilder arms pecs

Antonio vs Edge - Mat Wars 27A

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Antonio vs Edge

Antonio is doing pushups by the pool when Edge walks up and attacks him. While Antonio tries to defend himself, Edge keeps coming at him. He grabs Antonio by the hair and slaps him across the chest. Antonio finally gets his chance and rolls over to trap Edge underneath him with Edge's leg pinned up in a painful leg lock. When he lets Edge out of the hold, Edge comes right back and attacks Antonio again, holding Antonio down while kneeing him in the back. He pulls Antonio up to his feet by his hair. He pushes Antonio up against the post and starts gut punching him. He lets Antonio off the post just long enough to grab him again and bearhug him from behind. While holding him in a full nelson, Edge drops Antonio down onto the mat and slaps his chest repeatedly. Before Antonio can get back up, Edge grabs his arm in an armbar. Antonio comes back and picks Edge up in a bearhug and as soon as he lets Edge go, Edge returns the favor and grabs Antonio in a full nelson. He tries to bearhug Antonio from behind, but Antonio breaks loose and the fall to the ground. They roll around on the mat for a minute, then pick themselves back up. Antonio quickly grabs Edge in a reverse bearhug. He keeps the momentum going by knocking Edge to the ground and leg scissors him. Edge gets out of the hold and the two start to dance around the mat for a bit until Edge grabs Antonio, but Antonio turns it around and grabs Edge around the waist to bring him down on the mat. Antonio tries to hold onto Edge, be Edge starts elbowing him in the side until he has to let go. Edge grabs Antonio in a headlock that he holds for a while. He wrestles Antonio down on the mat, then straddles him and pulls him back into a camel clutch. He holds Antonio there for a long time before letting him go. They dance around each other for a few minutes before Antonio grabs Edge in a short lived bearhug. Edge tries to bearhug Antonio, but Antonio is taller and withstands Edge's attack. Edge continues to hold on to Antonio for a long time while until Antonio finally beats him down and gets free. Antonio wraps his legs around Edge's waist and the two fall down on the mat. Antonio stays in control for a bit, using his legs to keep Edge trapped until Edge grabs Antonio's foot in a painful ankle lock that makes him let go. Edge seems pretty pissed and starts kneeing Antonio in the back several times before grabbing his arm in an armbar. Antonio gets out of the armbar and stands up before Edge can get up. He elbows Edge in the back and knocks him down. Edge bearhugs Antonio from behind and seems to have a little more control this way over the taller wrestler, but can;t hold it very long before Antonio breaks free. Antonio quickly grabs Edge in a reverse bearhug and holds it for a while. When he lets Edge go he pushes him down, then straddles his shoulders and wraps his legs around Edge's neck. He falls over, keeping Edge's head trapped between his legs. He holds Edge trapped on the mat for a long time before Edge manages to get out. Edge quickly comes back and tries to attack Antonio, but can't get the upper hand. Antonio straddles Edge again, putting him in a body scissors and holds him for a long time until Edge fights his way out of it. Edge comes back and attacks Antonio, holding him down while kneeing him in the bicep. When he gets free of Edge, Antonio grabs him in a reverse bearhug, then wrestles Edge to the ground. Edge is able to turn things around and pins Antonio with a schoolboy pin. (Big Splash)...