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Angel Teaches Jackson a Lesson & Cody Nelson vs Troy Nelson - Mat Wars 29

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Angel Teaches Jackson a Lesson

Jackson steps on the mat with the attitude that hes got nothing to learn that he doesnt already know. Angel, still steaming over Jacksons lack of effort in Mat Wars 22 and right now needing no excuse to deck the guy, tries to restrain himself and show the newcomer whats whatnamely, a few basic techniques to ensure safety, fair play, and an even contest. Jackson ignores Angels pointers and scoffs at the smaller but more experienced wrestler, confident that his solid muscle and height advantage are all he needs to win. Jackson thinks hes being cute, playing to the camera, wagging his ass, convinced that the fans at home are interested only in his biceps and pecs. He mistakes Angels easygoing, slow-mo run-through of grips and positions as the best the man has to give. The more Jackson spouts off, though, the more impatience and irritation flash in Angels eyes.
What Angel tries to show Jackson is not just how to win a match, but how to survive one without breaking an arm or getting hurled through a wall or choked out. Jackson doesnt pay attention. He is busy showing off his polished but untested muscles, while Angel tries to teach him a new hold. In his head, Jackson fantasizes a clean easy victory over his opponent. Hes like a kid playing with an imaginary light saber, while Angel tries to cultivate a respect for the science of self-defense. With each dry run, Angel puts it to Jackson a little harder, applying the principle of the frog in the pot on top of the stove: put the frog in the water while its cold and slowly turn up the heatthe little hoppers poached before he knows what hit him.
When Angel slips Jackson into a triangle leglock choke, Jackson taps out in a panic. When

Jackson tries to brush off the fact that Angel came this close to knocking his lights out, Angel points out a string of drool Jackson spilled, right as his eyes were beginning to roll upward. Jackson insists that he knows all this stuff already. In his mind, hes impervious to the best Angel has to offer. Hes all talk, of course, and Angel knows it, but he lets the arrogant rookie talk himself up, digging his own grave as he goes. When Angel decides its time for a live round, Jackson quickly finds out how much he does NOT know about mat wrestling, and, with grim satisfaction, Angel shows the blowhard how many flavors of hurt he can deliver

Cody Nelson vs Troy Nelson

Cody and Troy wrestle over whose bike is faster. Winner gets the losers wheels. Bikes are as good an excuse as any to get these two hot bloods on the mats, gunning for each other. Cody, of course, brings plenty of wrestling experience to the match. Troy, the newcomer, is the unknown factor. Troy initiates the fight with a high level of caveman aggression, beating Cody facedown to the mat with both fists. No way is Cody letting him get away with that! Cody binds Troy in his arms and dishes up some brotherly nuggies to the top of the skull, just to assert his rightful dominance, and a few flat-handed slaps to Troys rippling abs, to see how much pain the kid can take. Turns out the kid can take a lot and then, on top of that, reverse the situation and, with deft application of brute force, gain control of his opponent, stretching Cody out taut as a bowstring.
If Troy wants to fight like a Neanderthal, Cody is ready to rev up the aggression another notch. A few raw thrusts to the family jewels gets Troy whimpering and groaning on the mat, but he wont submit to Cody. No way. Codys savage side awakened, he focuses on finding Troys breaking point. Get up, trash! he snarls, half angry and half stoked by his own prowess and propensity for violence, brother on brother. Both men like the challenge they bring to each other, closely matched, with keen instincts about where and when to strike the other to best effect, and a natural knack, reinforced over years, for finding the right insult and the right contemptuous slur to unman his opponent. These two have been mixing it up since they were kids. They know the game by now. Cody targets Troys strong point, his massive thighs, tying the mans legs in a knot and, from time to time, slapping his belly, the nerves already prickling with radioactive spasms. Troy prefers to pound Cody with his fists, each blow jangling cartilage and bone, sending sharp, piercing pangs like lightning streaks up and down the wholelength of the body.
Fans of solid back-and-forth aggression wont want to miss this battle of brothers. Cody and Troy give as good as they take. Because they know how the other thinks, no move is decisive till the end. Because they are both made of the same stubborn DNA, neither gives an inch to the other. In time, they begin to echo each others wrestling style, applying holds they have just escapedin some cases, holds they have used against each other since childhood. And nobody but family can tear open old wounds like thisold insecurities, humiliating nicknames, embarrassing memories of exes that give sharp teeth to the old wrestling taunt How does THAT feel? This battle ends with a decisive win, but until the closing seconds of the fight, its any mans guess whos walking away with a new bike and who will have to start walking to work from now on.