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Ajax leg lock Dev thighs arms pecs

Ajax vs Devin & Ajax vs Rome - Mat Wars 03

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Ajax vs Devin
Ajax has heard of Devin's reputation as master of submission holds. So he decided that in order to get ready for his match with Titan he needed to get learn more submission style wrestling. He desides to hire Devin to give him some personal trainning in grappling. Little does Ajax know that Devin HATES muscle boys who are not humble and should know their place. Ajax tells him about his dream to beat Titan, which just makes Devin pissed because he knows he's a better grappler than that muscle head Titan on the mat. So Devin agrees to teach Ajax some new submission holds, but secretly decides to humilitate him during the lesson to show him he's the better wrestler than Titan.     

Ajax vs Rome (tall vs small match up)
Match starts out with Rome just flexing and showing off his hard work from the gym when Ajax comes in and starts up with his normal cocky attitude.  Ajax hates new people on "his" mats so of course he's gotta see what Rome can do.  You're going to see a lot of great holds on this one like body scissors, gut punching, full nelson, small package pin, surfboard, and sleeper.  The big thing we couldn't believe with this match is the size difference!  Ajax is only 5'9 and Rome is 6'5 that is giving up some SERIOUS size.  You'd think Ajax would be smater than that to challenge bigger guys, but he's tearing into everyone bigger than him, win or lose, he's getting ready for Titan.