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Leo vs Hooper - Mat Wars 31

$ 25.95

Young Hooper is mouthing off that Thunders Arena doctored his earlier matches to make it look like he was losing when in fact he was winning. Exactly how we might have done that he never bothers to explaintrick editing? computer-generated effects? a body double?but you can check the matches out and see for yourself whether theyre authentic or not. At the start of Mat Wars 31 hes bitching about the Arenas anti-Hooper bias to just about anybody who will listen when he takes a step back -oops! Into the towering bulk of Leo, who is sick and tired of the constant jawing and decides to close Hoopers big mouth down for repairs. Slightly ruffled at first but ultimately undeterred, Hooper challenges Leo to show him what that thunderhead-shaped torso can do. To us, it looks like this smartass punk is just asking for it and this time he has asked the wrong man! Hooper boasts that he can squat Leos full weight, but it doesnt look like he can do squat unless Leo lies down and lets him. Hooper assails Leo with body punches and knee jabs, and Leo doesnt budge a millimeter. Its like watching a mosquito dive-bombing a Mack truck. Leo summarizes the situation in four one-syllable words: You are my bitch. When he warns Hooper that he can destroy the wiseass punk with one hand, the kid hastily replies, I'd like to see that. So would a lot of us! And we do! And when, in a major heel move, Hooper aims for Leos eyes, Leo settles in to the long, painful-to-watch task of taming this young loose cannon and teaching him a modicum of respect. And you will be amazed how quiet the room is when hes done.