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Muscles vs Python - Mat Wars 32

$ 34.75

Python sneaks up on Muscles while the big man, in his long-awaited comeback to the Arena, is striking some bodybuilder poses for the camera as well as for the fans at home. In half a second, Muscles snatches the five-foot-eight wrestler off his feet and into a crushing full nelson hold. Python is no twink, however, with ironclad arms that earned him his mat name, and after a strenuous struggle he escapes. The two wrestlers engage in a punch-out fight on the mat. Muscles swerves behind Python and locks him in a sleeper hold, but Python escapes with a stiff elbow jab to the big mans upper thigh. This is less a typical little-man-versus-big-man match than a little-man-versus-firebreathing-bull match. Muscles comes back to the Arena in full roaring mode as he engages the new kid in a series of tests of strength: side headlocks, chickenwings, chokes, scissors, clutches, small packages, and more. Things go from interesting to very interesting indeed after Muscles brains Python in a piledriver. Still, the little man comes staggering back, birds and stars twirling around his head. Muscles continues to dominate and destroy until Python radically changes the scenario with a sharp and gruesome low blow. To find out where it all goes from here, you will have to pay up and see for yourself!