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Braden Charron vs Brad Barnes - Mat Wars 34

$ 25.95

Braden has been doing some recruiting for us from his old high school football buddies. That is how we came to know Brad Barnes. He has no background in wrestling but loves to watch WWE and has the build of a wrestler just never had the chance to do it. He jumped at the chance to wrestle his buddy Braden on film. These two really start out flexing and compair muscle size and then egos get bruised and the war begins over name calling for the style of trunks they are wearing. They both try and use their massive upper bodies to crush the other guy in devistating full nelsons and bearhugs throughout the match. The really impressive stuff comes in how they also try and use head and leg scissors as a weapon to make the other submit. Braden really grinds into Brad on a Saturday night ride that leads into more power moves like a killer bearhug where he actually makes Brad submit. You don't want to miss the debut of Brad he is going to be a real superstar once he learns more moves but for now he has the body of a greek sculpture and the power of a linebacker, not a combo you want to miss watching in action!