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Specimen vs Angel - Mat Wars 35

$ 25.95

New Big vs little match. How big? How about 250 lbs of pure muscle vs 135 lbs of total attitude. Specimen is a former Marine ready to takedown the big men at Thunder's but everyone knows you gotta start small and work your way to the top. Our starting match is with Angel and this match starts out with a bang. First off Angel is nothing but attitude and mocks the big man for being fat and slow, but Specimen doesn't tolerate this for long when he grabs Angel and choke lifts him up overhead slamming him in to the wall. Then of corse there are 2 gorrila presses and some awe inspiring bearhugs that will take your breath away watching. Specimen even threw Angel up and caught him mid air in a bearhug! Then almost broke Angel's rib with his 20 inch arms getting tighter and tighter! Angel tries a few submission holds but Specimen keeps cranking on his own and throwing Angel off his game. In part I thought Angel was going to throw up because his abs were gettting so crushed by Specimen's 30 inch thighs body scissors, I couldn't believe he was holding out and not submitting. This is one big man who is NOT afraid to put a beating on someone. Get Specimen vs Angel and you will be in awe.