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Dominic vs Mogly - Mat Wars 36

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

What is it with little guys trying to spy on Dominic? This time he catches Mogly trying to see him during a stretching exercise. Dominic decides he is going to make an example out of him so that nobody will do it again. He attacks Mogly and instantly puts him in a over the shoulder back breaker. He then starts to berate Mogly and while he is doing this Domonic is showing off how much bigger and more cut he is by flexing during this speech. Mogly can't help himself and feels how huge Dominic's muscles are which just upsets Dom even more because Mogly did not ask for permission to touch. This leads to more crazy power moves. There is a gorilla press and some bone crushing bearhugs. Yet Mogly is no push over he tries and trap Dom in a flying head scissors. Plus there is a good side headlock throw take down by Mogly on Dom you don't want to miss. These two really tear into each other with lots of cool submission holds. You don't want to miss all this action.