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Devin body scissors Monstro arm lock big pecs chest huge arms biceps

Devin vs Monstro - Mat Wars 04A

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Personal Note from Mike, executive producer for ThundersArena.com,
Hi everyone just wanted to say that I'm extremely proud of this DVD.  To date the match between Devin vs Rome is an amazing match to watch and my personal favorite out of all we have filmed.  Monstro is AWESOME and he brings back that old school slam and flex over your fallen opponent style many of you have been asking for from us.  This DVD has real action wrestling and great old school pro wrestling entertainment.  So if you miss the old pro wrestling shows on TV and love watching today's real submission wrestling then I'm sure this is going to be your favorite DVD too.

Match 1 - Devin (5'10 and 200) vs Monstro (6'4 and 240)