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Devin camel clutch Tony arms biceps pecs

Devin vs Tony & Ajax vs Los - Mat Wars 05

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Battle of the Bodybuilders!!

Devin vs Tony

In this match, Tony is quick to take control and brings Devin straight to the mat.  Devin doesn't take too kindly to Tony's man-handling so he quickly locks him into a dangerous rear naked choke followed by standing him up and into a full nelson.  After rolling around the mat for a little while, Devin gets a rear mount on Tony and and works him over with a jaw-shattering camel clutch. Devin shows no mercy and begins to squeeze the breath right out of Tony while also locking in a brutal arm bar.  Finally turning the match around, it's Tony's time to shine with a menacing bear hug followed by a wicked Boston crab.  Tony tries to rip Devin right in half with an ab stretcher, but Devin tosses him to the ground and nearly dislocates his shoulder with a fierce arm bar.  Tony is finally able to get a few shots in and takes Devin down and into a crippling head scissors/arm bar combo. Watch this match and see just how much pain and torture each one of these amazing wrestlers can handle from body scissors, surfboards, chokes, full nelsons and much more! 

Ajax vs Los
This exciting match starts off with Ajax and Los sizing each other up.  Los is convinced that he doesn't need to worry about Ajax and can even beat him with one arm.  So he challenges Ajax to an arm wrestling match to try to see who's the strongest.  Neither wrestler being happy with the outcome of the arm wrestling match, they quickly take to the mat to settle the score. Ajax takes quick control of the match with a mean rear choke.  Being so light and nimble, Los has a difficult time keeping up with Ajax's amazing speed.  Once Los finally catches Ajax he delivers a painful camel clutch, but Ajax quickly flips him over and digs his fingers into Los' chest for a powerful pec claw. After rolling around for a bit, Ajax locks Los into a body scissors that quickly turns into a devastating head scissors with an arm bar.  Struggling in pain, Los gasps for air as Ajax's grip tightens.  Los eventually catches up to Ajax and begins to crush his bones with a back-breaking bear hug.  Once Ajax is free, he tosses Los to the ground like a wet towel. Watch this match and see all of the exciting  arm bars, throws, gut punching, full nelsons, chokes, and more!