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Tony Zachary arm bar biceps

Tony vs Zachary - Mat Wars 08A

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Tony vs Zachary

FUN & AMAZING TO WATCH!! I can't say enough great stuff about this match. Tony is back and this time he is in better shape then ever. He's been off training and takes on a new rookie Zachary. Both men do bodybuildering training so there was a lot of ego in this match. Tony does a great job of trash talking and telling Zachary this ain't no small time wrestling group. Tony's cocky attitude really shines in this match and he loves telling new guys they aren't men enough to take him on in our arena. There was lots of flexing and posing, real tough wrestling moves and holds. These two guys really worked up a good sweat trying to beat each other. Tony is a masterful technician and of course he had to show off how great he was. He definitely did a great job of keeping the new guy Zachary off guard. Zachary has a lot of counters and fight in him but bottom line...we called this DVD "Domination" for a reason so you can guess what happens to Zachary as Tony tears him up!